Holiday Greetings

Most importantly – If you should celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was very merry and you spent it surrounded by loved ones.

If you don’t, if your path takes you elsewhere this time of year, I hope whatever you celebrate, whenever, yours was also marvelous!

I have sort of been under a rock these last few months (OMG when did they change the update page AGAIN?) madly knitting for a baby shower (No pic, oops!), several sets of minion hats and mittens, and a hooded animal cowl. I’m done now and am determined to finish a project or three for myself!

First off, my Sanquhar Gloves. So very close! 🙂

2015-12-25 17.05.19.jpg

Sanquhar Gloves – One Complete

I stayed up way, way too late last night to do this (I had the thumb and half a pinkie left), but it was worth it! I have some ends to work in inside, but I am so incredibly tickled with this. First time ever doing color work (no *major* mistakes) and first time doing gloves. I could see myself addicted to these. 😛 I hope to cast on its mate at the LYS today.

2015-01-22 00.19.50

Sanquhar Gloves – On to the fingers!


Every time I come to a new section of the gloves, I get nervous. Because it’s new. It’s different. And I worry it’s going to be hard or tricky – then it isn’t. I have successfully conquered each new section as it’s come and I have no doubt I can conquer the fingers on my first pair of Sanquhar Gloves as well.

I’m getting so excited for these. I want more with different block patterns! I want to do a hat and scarf. And the best part? I’m certainly no longer afraid of colorwork projects. 😛

WIP: Sanquhar Gloves Update: Making Progress!

I’m so excited about these gloves. I’m making progress in leaps and bounds. Each time I encounter something new in the structure, I get nervous because it’s NEW. Once I get past it, I realize that there was nothing to be nervous over and keep right on trucking. There’s a couple of minor stitch errors but nothing that will effect the overall glove and besides, that’s what makes them mine, right?

A co-worker’s daughter is actually living in Scotland and she’s asked if I could make her a pair of these, which I don’t mind doing, but I have NO clue what to charge her. I’ll figure it out!

In the meantime, here’s the latest progress photo:


WIP Update: What was I thinking? project or My Sanquhar Gloves

Just a couple of notes more for my future reference than anything else.

  1. I tried to keep track of where I was on the graph through various ways – a ruler, a magnifying ruler, etc. Neither really worked out too well. I ended up having to print the pattern from the magazine’s website and have to highlight every few stitches as I go on the hand (who knows? The fingers could be different)
  2. I’ve also put in stitch markers for either side of the thumb so I can keep better track of my increases for the thumb gusset.
  3. Each round takes roughly 15 minutes of me carefully counting and highlighting and knitting, but that’s ok. I’d rather work more slowly and have it be right. There’s a couple of errors, but they’re minor. I think. LOL