And the sweater is finished. I absolutely, positively adore it. I wore it to work today, but as is typical for late summer/ early fall in Maine, I had taken it off just after lunch time. Layer up in the morning, strip ’em off in the afternoon. 🙂


In other news, my Poorly Puppy is feeling much better. She still is not completely herself, but she is feeling much, much better than she was the other day. I’ll take it!

WIP…. Tuesday?

This is the sweater I am currently seaming. I fixed a shoulder this morning (very displeased with how it turned out the first time). I finished the neutral on one side this morning, need to seam up the darks, then do the other side as well. I am hoping that I manage to do that tonight.

I hope.

The question now… The pattern calls for faux pockets and I just can’t decide if I want to fuss with them or not. Sigh.2015-09-15 07.12.25

Is it done yet?

2015-09-14 09.49.40This is never a good way to start a Monday – or any day. Thankfully this is one of the computers I use at work, but fortunately it isn’t my primary computer.

Tonight, I am seaming my Carmel sweater. Sigh. I forgot how much I hate set in sleeves, though I will love my sweater.

Summer misery

Anyone knows me knows that I cannot stand this time of year. I’m not one for swimming or boating, so the water is out (actually, I have water “issues”). I find that the heat and humidity is unpleasant when I can get hot and sweaty and not do a thing. it’s just all around unpleasant for me and I stay inside with my AC cranked except for early mornings before the sun comes up over the trees and evenings when the sun starts to dip.

And I’m prepping my winter crafts. I’m still slowly working on my Rowan KAL for their Pure Wool Worsted from Martin Storey. And I’ve actually begun the Carmel sweater by Mr. Storey out of Rowan’s Brushed Fleece that I can’t wait to wear. 🙂 I’ve changed up the colors a bit, but yes. I’m so very excited. I’m planning to do a matching hat with some gorgeous possum my sister got me from New Zealand. Then? I’m not sure what else.

What do you do to prep for winter? Summer? 🙂

FO Friday!

It is done. It is complete. And I am IN LOVE with it. It had the exact size that I wanted – both sleeves and body – and I adore the color so much! It’s a change for me. I usually do earth tones and so I have nothing in this color. 🙂 And still 7 more balls left over for … Something? LOL 🙂


Critical Design Decisions…

This is the cardi with the body nearly done. I’ll do the sleeves full length, but I am undecided whether to add buttons or not! And if so, WHICH buttons? Such crucial decisions! 🙂


Why is the entry area where I post so small It’s only an inch tall (in Firefox, Win8.1). Can I change that?

First FO of 2015

Made for my friend Jen because she asked me ever so nicely and I have so many lovely things from her. Quick n’ easy cable hat made with Rowan’s Pure Wool Worsted in Granite. LOVE! On to make one for me.

Something about getting up with the air temp at -6 makes you want warm things! 😛

2015-01-06 15.21.22

Nearly there…

My Lehigh Jumper in Rowan’s Pure Wool Worsted is nearly done. I cast on the second sleeve last night, blocked the front and back pieces yesterday and hope to be able to block the first sleeve tonight after the trick or treating is done. With any luck, I can put it together Sunday when I’m off work. I hope.

This is the first time I’ve done a sweater that will be seamed, so I am a bit nervous there. I want it to look nice and can see myself being a perfectionist over it. (Usually I do top down sweaters)

I do love this project – the pattern is written extremely well and the yarn! Oh! I do so love it. I can’t wait to cuddle up in it when it’s finished. It’s been fantastic to work with.

Here is my pile of finished bits:

2014-10-31 06.49.26