And now for something a little different…

I haven’t sewn in ages and a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a new sewing machine. My intent is to make new curtains for our camper and I have those started.

In the meantime, I found this adorable pink flamingo fabric that I just had to have (long standing inside family joke with my husband, who hates them) and this bag from Sweet T Makes Three the result. I put the flamingo fabric on the inside because I think it would be hard to keep clean. The directions were fantastic and easy to follow and I whipped this up this morning before work. I DO have to shorten the straps (that was my own fault, I wasn’t paying attention) and I’ll do that tomorrow. It’s the perfect size for a small knitting project or lunch or yoga clothes (once I find the perfect fabric for it).

It’s by no means perfect, but I learned a lot and gosh dangit, I did it all on my own. I was so proud of myself. 🙂

PS – If anyone has any sewing blog suggestions, I would certainly welcome them. 🙂 I’m looking for clothes (especially mid-20th century clothing) and easy household projects.