Today’s WiP

2016-02-21 13.25.23.jpg

In between watching the Daytona 500 and rendering lard for soap and cooking, I’m also crocheting this wee baby hat that a former co-worker has asked me to make for her. the yarn is Marion Foale in Grape and the pattern is Crochet Baby Hat with Butterfly.

I was also given unrendered lard by a co-worker for soap making or, since some is also leaf lard, baking/cooking. I am currently rendering it now. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂 So far, it looks pretty good.

FO … Sunday?

Before the holidays, I’d sent a friend a Yule gift… Only to have it disappear somewhere along the way. Boo hiss.

I have just finished her replacement and will send it out tomorrow. Hopefuly this time it makes it to her. I’ve made her a pair of seed stitch washcloths and am including homemade (by me) Calendula soap and Coffee Soap. Think she will like it?

2016-02-14 17.10.46

Little Thing….

1 – Help? A question. I keep seeing Kauni yarn used in some amazing colorwork but never see it in shops here. Is there anywhere to order it from? Is there something else comparable?

2 – Soap Update: It’s taken a few days to dry, but it’s getting there. I’ve patted the excess oil off once or twice, and flipped them and they’re coming along nicely. I need to see about getting more calendula to infuse more oil. 🙂

3a – There’s an upcoming camping trip I’m trying to figure out meals for with my restrictions. I’m leaning toward grilled peppers wrapped in foil for breakfasts (may attempt some Paleo donuts and/or muffins to take with) and just some of my usual cut fruit for lunch. Dinner is looking like kabobs and other foil dinners, also. 🙂 I’m going with some family and so I need to be sure there is enough for dinner with them as well, but I think that should do it. There’s also excellent fishing where we’re going, so if anything is caught, that gets added to the menu. 🙂

3b – Knitting projects for the camping trip will likely be limited to socks and, possibly, the sock yarn blanket. But it will be so peaceful. Loons on the lake in the mornings, no internet, limited cell reception. QUIET!

4 – Current WIP besides socks is this cute cardi from Knit Picks (Really Fits Top Down Cardigan For All Seasons) , being knit in Rowan’s Kid Classic Canard.

The photo isn’t really accurate for color, it’s more of a brighter teal, but you get the idea. I’m undecided about buttons at the moment and will have to see once I’ve gotten the body done what I’m in the mood for. LOL

2015-05-29 06.30.06

Update: Homemade Soap

I took the soap out of the mold this morning and let it dry for a bit before cutting it. I am SO pleased with it! It’s usable now, though I am still drying it. I’ve kind of run out of steam for today (and coconut oil!), so I’ll get the coffee soap later. I also need to start some more calendula infused oil, too!


Homemade soap….

This week, Prairie Homestead posted a recipe for hot process soap. I was getting ready to make soap anyway, more than one batch actually, and as hot process is faster than cold process, I decided to give it a go.

I discovered the crock pot needs to be on high, not low, to get it to process fast enough. Oopsie. Otherwise, this worked beautifully, the soap looks utterly awesome, and I can’t wait to check it out tomorrow.

Instead of straight up olive oil, I actually used 10 oz of calendula infused olive oil and mixed in calendula petals, also. If this goes as well as I expect it to, tomorrow I need to do a batch of coffee soap. It IS garden season, after all! 🙂

2015-05-24 17.24.37