Tonight on my needles

I truly wish they would stop changing the update page and just leave things alone. ARGH

Anywho. I’m currently working on yet another pair of socks. I’m pretty sure the yarn is Lana Grossa, the pattern is Abbey Morris’s Dancetty. I thought it would work nicely with the different colors in the yarn. I really like how it’s striping up! 🙂 2016-02-04 19.49.51

FO …. Thursday?

At last, I have not one, but TWO FO’s to share this morning. These are my second and third pairs of toe up socks. The green is Trekking XXL and the rust on the right? I have no idea, but I adore it. Soft and smooshy. Not to say I don’t adore the Trekking, but it’s got a much “stiffer” feel to the yarn.

The rust pair has been done for a bit, the green close to it, but I had to redo the heel on one because it was lop sided (and stayed lop sided, for some reason), then I had to redo the cuffs on all of them because they were too tight to get on over my heels.

Pointer. I discovered that I REALLY like size one for the foot and heel of the sock, but some where in the leg, I need to switch up to a size two needle to have it be loose enough to get on over my heel. Fits beautifully this way. 🙂

Now I’m on to wrap up a pair of cuff down socks that I have had going since spring because I keep getting side tracked. Truly considering an afterthought heel on these just for the sake of speed.

What is everyone else working on? Hm?

On my needles this morning . . .

I am still poking away at mastering toe up socks. The harvest colored socks in the photo above need the cuff bound off again because it’s just a whisker too tight. The green are still snug when pulling it on over the heel, but I like the fit everywhere else. I need to figure out a solution to that and think going up a needle size on the cuff and bind off would do the trick. I think? 🙂

Even though my veggies are doing horribly this year (very late, wet, COLD spring), my herbs are doing amazing. I’ll actually have herbs to dry this year to use over the winter, which has never happened before. I have to admit that I’m pretty excited about it. I’m even contemplating building another garden on the other side of the steps to add on for next year – calendula, more basil, some other healing herbs. 🙂

Little by little

The sock is growing little by little. This is my third pair of toe up socks and I think I’m ready to branch into something other than stockinette. I think. 🙂


I was asked recently about teaching a crochet class at the LYS I work at. We’re looking at starting out with the basics and then branching into African flower square animals, which would then cover chart reading, joining, etc. Sounds like my vacation may include a crochet project! 🙂

My stomach has been a mess since yesterday. Last night was not good and today I’m fine if I don’t eat. Sigh. When I get home tonight, I’m going to make some Paleo crackers to munch. :-/

Tonight on my needles….

I was working on Buttercup by Heidi Kirmaier, except my gauge was way off. It turned out that I’d grabbed the wrong needle tips when I cast on. *facepalm* So I frogged that but instead of picking it up again, I decided to work on a sock WIP.

It’s just a basic toe up pattern from Wendy Knits. The yarn is who knows what from someone on Rav that had it for sale in their stash. 😛 I do love the fall tones, but it’s hard to tell in this photo. Today the weather is truly gloomy and nasty and makes for horrid photos that even PaintShop can’t save. :/  But you get the idea. I’m just not sure how much further up the calf I WANT to go. 😛

2015-06-21 19.41.15

Thursday’s Needles

The socks are coming along. I’m on the homestretch now and have one repeat to left to do before a few rounds of stockinette and then the toe decrease. I DO love this yarn and I do love the pattern so much, it’s just been very challenging to work on.


Also, a Sock Yarn Blanket update. 🙂 It’s starting to take shape but obviously has a way to go. I’m definitely not wide enough yet, though I’m undecided how much wider I want to go. Definitely about half again as wide, so I can curl up with it on the couch.

And you know, for someone that doesn’t generally like pink, I have a lot of it. LOL



There’s not a lot of knitting going to be done to these this weekend, unfortunately, but there is progress! I’m really considering doing the heel and toe of these in a nice soft, heathered gray. (I wish the color showed up more accurately, but it’s gloomy out, so the lighting is rather sucky. LOL It’s really pretty pinks/roses)  Hmm..

Yes? No? 🙂 2014-10-04 07.11.06

WIPs & FOs

Even though I didn’t get a chance to post until today, these socks were actually finished late last night and another pair cast on (of course!).

I’ve also taken a shot of my sock & scarf drawer. Eventually, I want a pair of socks for every day of the month, plus leftovers. 🙂

Speaking of socks, the lesson yesterday went well and she did great! We need to meet again to finish the toe.

Watermelon Tootsie Covers

Ever since I first saw this yarn on Etsy, I knew I had to have it. Seriously. Watermelons. How could I not?

And as I’m still feeling utterly like crap, I’ve had plenty of time to work on the first sock today. The heel is done, it’s underneath, but it’s … wonky. Not sure what I did. Something on the Heel Turn, though I’m not sure what. They’re socks and they’re for me, so I’m not overly concerned as long as they are still comfortable. 🙂

My goal is to have enough socks for one for every day of the month, even if that’s not what I really end up doing. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂