FO Fest!

*waves* Anyone still out there? It’s been a busy, hot summer. We’ve had vacation, we’ve been on day trips and I have had finished projects languishing with no pictures. *gasp* Today, I finally have pictures. Yay!

The socks are fraternal twin socks made with Spud n’ Chloe. The cream sweater is the Lily Cardigan by Marie Grace Smith and was made with Blue Sky Fibers’ Alpaca in sport weight. The green sweater is Allegro by Marjorie Dussaud and published on Knit Picks’ website. It was knit with Rowan Pure Wool Worsted in Grasshopper. And the crochet chevron is for my niece to beat on at college, so it was crocheted with Red Heart so we wouldn’t have to worry about it. 🙂

Now I’m working on Cadillac Mountain in Calyce by Anny Blatt and am just adoring it! 🙂

Baby Bonnet Finished

2016-02-27 22.43.13

Tonight I finished this baby bonnet for a former co-worker. 🙂  It’s sort of from all over the place – the crown is from one pattern, the leaves from another and the flower from yet another. 🙂 I think it works though. The yarn is Marion Foale, which was perfect for this!

She’ll be picking it up in the morning. I hope she likes it!

FO Friday!

It is done. It is complete. And I am IN LOVE with it. It had the exact size that I wanted – both sleeves and body – and I adore the color so much! It’s a change for me. I usually do earth tones and so I have nothing in this color. 🙂 And still 7 more balls left over for … Something? LOL 🙂


See what I did!

FINALLY I have a knit project to post. I wanted something springy to wear to work since nearly everything I have is heavy wool. This is Lana Grossa’s Coccinella, which is a cotton blend. This is based on Mary Jane Protus’s Lace Border Top, except I eliminated the lace and did a few rows of garter at the hem and cuffs instead and made it a bit longer. It’s exactly what I was looking for, though I may end up closing the neck opening a bit more. I’m not sure yet. I see this getting a lot of wear this summer! 🙂


Sanquhar Gloves – One Complete

I stayed up way, way too late last night to do this (I had the thumb and half a pinkie left), but it was worth it! I have some ends to work in inside, but I am so incredibly tickled with this. First time ever doing color work (no *major* mistakes) and first time doing gloves. I could see myself addicted to these. 😛 I hope to cast on its mate at the LYS today.

2015-01-22 00.19.50

First FO of 2015

Made for my friend Jen because she asked me ever so nicely and I have so many lovely things from her. Quick n’ easy cable hat made with Rowan’s Pure Wool Worsted in Granite. LOVE! On to make one for me.

Something about getting up with the air temp at -6 makes you want warm things! 😛

2015-01-06 15.21.22

TA DAH! It’s an FO!

Friend of a friend was looking for the Ryder Raccoon Cowl, so for the price of the yarn, I whipped it up for her. It is absolutely the most adorable thing I have seen in ages, though Belle totally does not agree. 🙂  They are also a dog friendly household, but I still just put it through a round of Soak so it will be even softer for the little girl. 🙂


Old Project Photo

Today at the LYS, we were trying to photograph my linen stitch scarf for a newsletter. It was good that I had it at work today because we actually had someone stop in asking about making one. 🙂  We wrapped it around the mannequin and got a few photos of it, like this:


Also, this is my kitchen, where I spend the time I’m not knitting. Or sleeping. 🙂