An Update about Me

I’m still here, though I can’t remember my last post. Yikes. There’s been lots happening, much of the knitting variety, much of everything else, too.

At the start of April, I had some minor surgery, emphasis on minor. I was having female issues and the surgery helped to resolve them. So there was me feeling like hammered poo as we were leading up to the surgery, then there was my recovery (which was blessedly short, actually).

My son took driver’s ed. In my state, if you’re under 18, you must take the class. There’s many other restrictions and requirements as well. He now has his learner’s permit, which he must keep for a minimum of 6 months and also log 70 hours before he can send off for the date he takes the road test for his driver’s license. I am *so* not ready for this.

My son taking driver’s ed sort of threw a monkey wrench into everything, since he had class 3 days a week, plus his driving time with the instructors.

I didn’t even make it to yoga for nearly 2 months! I made it last weekend, finally, and I also made it again last night. I think I have finally found the perfect fit for me and I can feel my passion returning.

I’m knitting, though I only haveĀ  2 FOs and no photos to show for it. Maybe tomorrow I can do something about that. Perhaps.