Baby Bonnet Finished

2016-02-27 22.43.13

Tonight I finished this baby bonnet for a former co-worker. 🙂  It’s sort of from all over the place – the crown is from one pattern, the leaves from another and the flower from yet another. 🙂 I think it works though. The yarn is Marion Foale, which was perfect for this!

She’ll be picking it up in the morning. I hope she likes it!

Little by little

The sock is growing little by little. This is my third pair of toe up socks and I think I’m ready to branch into something other than stockinette. I think. 🙂


I was asked recently about teaching a crochet class at the LYS I work at. We’re looking at starting out with the basics and then branching into African flower square animals, which would then cover chart reading, joining, etc. Sounds like my vacation may include a crochet project! 🙂

My stomach has been a mess since yesterday. Last night was not good and today I’m fine if I don’t eat. Sigh. When I get home tonight, I’m going to make some Paleo crackers to munch. :-/

It’s Finally Finished!

Oh wow. When did WP change the posting page? It hasn’t been that long since I’ve posted, has it? EEK. I like it. I think?

Back to the point. When I was small, my Memere would crochet all of us grandkids an afghan. Our houses were full of her afghans growing up. Nothing fancy, just single crochet Chevron afghans and we loved them.

My niece S is the most adorable thing ever at 5 years old. When she was born, I crocheted something for her that she quickly outgrew – and then last fall lost it. So last fall she called me in tears and through heavy sniffles, asked if I could make her a new one.

FINALLY it is done. It is in the washing machine now and will be mailed down to them on Wednesday morning. It’s just Red Heart yarn, which I am not normally a fan of, but it wears well in afghans.


2013 Knits in Review…

I can’t remember where else I’ve seen this, but I’ve posted something similar elsewhere in the past and thought it would be nice to continue it here…

I was productive in 2013.

Namely,I finished my second Peasy. This is my favorite. I could live in this one.


I crocheted and knit an Ice shrug:


I finished a Paulie (and bought yarn to make another):


I started the Lundell:

I tackled my first beaded project, the Philotes:

I began the BFF cowl (which will be finished this week):


I made a pair of socks… (Pattern here)


A pair of toddler socks for a co-worker:

Made my third Peasy in a swap with a co-worker:


Made three pairs of pichous for Christmas gifts, though I only got a pic of one:


And lastly… made a cowl (simple 5×5 rib):


Whew! And here I thought I didn’t get much done!

WIP Weekend…

I have declared this to be WIP Weekend at my house. I am desperately trying to finish at least one. We’ll see how it goes.

This is another Crochet WIP that I have going for a dear friend of mine. She can’t hook a stitch and adored these, so I offered as a Yule gift (which has since been delayed by weather, illness, etc). A wee bit late, but nearly done at last.

Here’s the first of the two. It doesn’t look like much yet, but should be quite adorable once ends are trimmed and tucked, buttons attached, etc.


The pattern is Stripey Mitts by Sandra Paul on Ravelry, some slight mods.

In Progress

One of the things I like to do to wind down at the end of the day and especially at the end of the week is knit or crochet. I have horrid knitter’s ADD though and have several WIPs. These are but two projects I am working on:

This is a scarf for myself (I love scarves!). I love how linen stitch looks and have been dying to try it – so here we are! Yarns are a hodge podge. I’m using Ella Rae (unknown colorway), Lana Grossa and Regia Angora Merino. So far, it’s turning out beautifully!


This project is for one of my adorable nieces. When she was born, I crocheted her a small afghan that she slept with every night. She’s certainly outgrown it and it’s time for a big girl afghan. My Memere used to crochet these ripple afghans for us when we were all children, so it only seems fitting to continue the tradition.