Tonight on my needles

I truly wish they would stop changing the update page and just leave things alone. ARGH

Anywho. I’m currently working on yet another pair of socks. I’m pretty sure the yarn is Lana Grossa, the pattern is Abbey Morris’s Dancetty. I thought it would work nicely with the different colors in the yarn. I really like how it’s striping up! 🙂 2016-02-04 19.49.51


4 thoughts on “Tonight on my needles

    • Thanks! I like the way the yarn changes colors…. and the yellow isn’t too bright, which is nice.

      I wish they’d leave it alone. They keep tweaking it and it’s so annoying!

  1. Love your socks, the colours are so pretty. They yellow is just bright enough to be noticed without being too bright.
    🙂 Yes just when you think you are understanding the website, its updated. Bests. Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

    • Thanks! I was a bit concerned about the yellow while it was in the ball, but you’re right. It’s just right. I just couldn’t tell until I was knitting it up. 🙂

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