I haven’t been around a lot lately, I know. 😦 I’ve been sucked into holiday knitting (just crossed another one off, yay!) and have been having some (hopefully) mild female health issues (don’t worry, I’ll spare you the details). I have a doctor’s appointment this coming Tuesday and am also taking my first yoga class Monday evening to see if we can get some resolution or progress between the two.

I’ve been wanting to take yoga for a while now and finally decided this is the right time, so I signed up for a beginner class for Monday after work. It also ends with a meditation, which I am super excited about. Actually, I’m really excited for the whole thing. And my mother-in-law said that her doctor had mentioned her doing it for her chronic back pain so maybe, just maybe, we can do this together. We shall see.

Any other Yoga peeps out there? 🙂