The Tale of the Poorly Puppy

There once was a Dachshund with a ragweed allergy. Yes, dear readers, you read correctly. Ragweed. In a dog with very little legs. This year, the sweet dog had a very severe reaction, much to her loving owner’s heartbreak.

So off to the doggie doctor they went, to see what could be done. They vet looked her over and a discussion was had and together, they came up with a plan.

There, they discovered that poor, sweet Belle had the start of two hot spots (one on her rump, the other the base of her tail) that had fortunately crusted over already, ONE flea that had played hide and seek very well, but was enough to cause great distress, and a skin infection due to excessive chewing and digging on her belly.

The plan of attack, they decided, would be an antibiotic, a steroid, to trim the hair around the hot spots, and for the loving owner to add Omega-3 to Belle’s daily offerings.

In short, it’s been a very long week and there has not been a lot of knitting accomplished in the last couple of days. I did get the heavy sweater put together, but have not had a chance to trim the ends or block it yet. I’ve cast on a summer sweater out of Blue Sky Skinny Cotton, but haven’t gotten past the yoke yet because Belle takes priority. And if she is still feeling poorly tonight, then there will probably be more cuddling and reading than there will be knitting, but that’s ok. Puppy takes priority (she’s nine, so I’m not sure what sort of puppy she is anymore, though. LOL)


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