FO …. Thursday?

At last, I have not one, but TWO FO’s to share this morning. These are my second and third pairs of toe up socks. The green is Trekking XXL and the rust on the right? I have no idea, but I adore it. Soft and smooshy. Not to say I don’t adore the Trekking, but it’s got a much “stiffer” feel to the yarn.

The rust pair has been done for a bit, the green close to it, but I had to redo the heel on one because it was lop sided (and stayed lop sided, for some reason), then I had to redo the cuffs on all of them because they were too tight to get on over my heels.

Pointer. I discovered that I REALLY like size one for the foot and heel of the sock, but some where in the leg, I need to switch up to a size two needle to have it be loose enough to get on over my heel. Fits beautifully this way. 🙂

Now I’m on to wrap up a pair of cuff down socks that I have had going since spring because I keep getting side tracked. Truly considering an afterthought heel on these just for the sake of speed.

What is everyone else working on? Hm?


3 thoughts on “FO …. Thursday?

  1. Dont you think toe-up socks are just so cool. I knit mine toe-up, I find them much easier. 🙂
    Yours are stunning, and the green yarn is so “happy” Perfect colour for anytime.
    Also working on a pair of socks, I always seem to have a pair going.
    Then starting making some goodies for a swap buddy, that I will only be able to share later. 🙂 Spring is nearly here and I need to finish the socks and get some spring / summer knitting on the needles.

    • Thank you so much! I do love them! 🙂 I think the fit is so much more snug, but I do love them. They seem to knit much faster, too.

      I always have socks going, though right now there’s actually two. LOL I can’t wait to see what you’re doing for your swap buddy.

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