Summer misery

Anyone knows me knows that I cannot stand this time of year. I’m not one for swimming or boating, so the water is out (actually, I have water “issues”). I find that the heat and humidity is unpleasant when I can get hot and sweaty and not do a thing. it’s just all around unpleasant for me and I stay inside with my AC cranked except for early mornings before the sun comes up over the trees and evenings when the sun starts to dip.

And I’m prepping my winter crafts. I’m still slowly working on my Rowan KAL for their Pure Wool Worsted from Martin Storey. And I’ve actually begun the Carmel sweater by Mr. Storey out of Rowan’s Brushed Fleece that I can’t wait to wear. 🙂 I’ve changed up the colors a bit, but yes. I’m so very excited. I’m planning to do a matching hat with some gorgeous possum my sister got me from New Zealand. Then? I’m not sure what else.

What do you do to prep for winter? Summer? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Summer misery

  1. I don’t really prep for the seasons when it comes to knitting. I knit whatever in the AC, so heat doesn’t affect my knitting plans. I do want to get started on a sweater for the coming fall and winter, so it will probably get on my needles mid Sept. It stays hot here until October sometimes, so no hurry.

    • Oh we have AC too, but I love figuring out fall/winter sweaters in the summer, spring/summer sweaters in the winter… Sometimes. Sometimes I want warm and snuggly so I stay with the warm stuff all winter long. 🙂

  2. lol. I totally agree. Do not appreciate the humidity. I am fortunate to live in Johannesburg, so humidity is mostly pretty low. It is hot in summer, but dry, unless we get the afternoon thunderstorms, which may bring a little bit of humidity, but it goes away just as quickly. I do love our thunderstorms, they are amazing.
    Have not knitted much this winter, I think so at least, as I have knitted more in previous winters. Now heading towards spring, and still planning some knitting and crafting.
    Lucky I have swap buddies in the winter parts of the world, so I can knit for them. 🙂

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