Crunch time September

Oh September! You’re going to make me lose my mind…  (Not like I have a lot to lose to begin with!)

  1. I’m helping test knit a lacey cardi that’s due by September 30th. It’s adorable, but it’s going to keep me busy.
  2. I’m teaching a crochet class the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October. I’m BEYOND excited and terrified at the same time. 🙂 And I am thrilled the owner of the LYS I work at trusts me to do this. I’ve mentioned it to customers once or twice and there’s been good feedback about it so far, which is exciting!

FO …. Thursday?

At last, I have not one, but TWO FO’s to share this morning. These are my second and third pairs of toe up socks. The green is Trekking XXL and the rust on the right? I have no idea, but I adore it. Soft and smooshy. Not to say I don’t adore the Trekking, but it’s got a much “stiffer” feel to the yarn.

The rust pair has been done for a bit, the green close to it, but I had to redo the heel on one because it was lop sided (and stayed lop sided, for some reason), then I had to redo the cuffs on all of them because they were too tight to get on over my heels.

Pointer. I discovered that I REALLY like size one for the foot and heel of the sock, but some where in the leg, I need to switch up to a size two needle to have it be loose enough to get on over my heel. Fits beautifully this way. 🙂

Now I’m on to wrap up a pair of cuff down socks that I have had going since spring because I keep getting side tracked. Truly considering an afterthought heel on these just for the sake of speed.

What is everyone else working on? Hm?

THAT project. You know the one . . .

Surely we all have that one project that we lose excitement for right? The one that just keeps going on and on and never ends? What do you do then?

I have this lovely scarf out of Isager that is so simple – it’s garter stitch with an increase at the start of each row. That’s it. But it’s lace weight and light and frothy and so lovely. I love the yarn and it’s so pretty, but now I just want it off my needles and done.

So what do you do when the excitement has fizzled? Do you plow on? Do you frog it? Does it depend on the project?

Summer misery

Anyone knows me knows that I cannot stand this time of year. I’m not one for swimming or boating, so the water is out (actually, I have water “issues”). I find that the heat and humidity is unpleasant when I can get hot and sweaty and not do a thing. it’s just all around unpleasant for me and I stay inside with my AC cranked except for early mornings before the sun comes up over the trees and evenings when the sun starts to dip.

And I’m prepping my winter crafts. I’m still slowly working on my Rowan KAL for their Pure Wool Worsted from Martin Storey. And I’ve actually begun the Carmel sweater by Mr. Storey out of Rowan’s Brushed Fleece that I can’t wait to wear. 🙂 I’ve changed up the colors a bit, but yes. I’m so very excited. I’m planning to do a matching hat with some gorgeous possum my sister got me from New Zealand. Then? I’m not sure what else.

What do you do to prep for winter? Summer? 🙂

On my needles this morning . . .

I am still poking away at mastering toe up socks. The harvest colored socks in the photo above need the cuff bound off again because it’s just a whisker too tight. The green are still snug when pulling it on over the heel, but I like the fit everywhere else. I need to figure out a solution to that and think going up a needle size on the cuff and bind off would do the trick. I think? 🙂

Even though my veggies are doing horribly this year (very late, wet, COLD spring), my herbs are doing amazing. I’ll actually have herbs to dry this year to use over the winter, which has never happened before. I have to admit that I’m pretty excited about it. I’m even contemplating building another garden on the other side of the steps to add on for next year – calendula, more basil, some other healing herbs. 🙂

Out and About in Maine

I kind of disappeared again. Oops? It’s been busy, though. Work was hectic, then I went on vacation. We didn’t really go anywhere just a few short day trips.

The first four photos are from the first day trip with my son and his girlfriend. We went to the Rockland Lobster Festival because there’s NOTHING better than fresh Maine lobster. YUMM There was a carnival set up, but there were also MANY New England craftsman. I came home with deer antler buttons for a sweater (yet to be planned), calendula infused herbal salve and an oil, fudge (mostly for the kids) and creamed maple syrup with cinnamon. We also bought a few pieces of maple sugar candy, but those didn’t last long. 🙂

After we left the Lobster Festival, we went to the Owl’s Head Lighthouse. It was a stunning walk in and the day was beautiful.

On the way home, we stopped at Swan’s Island Blankets. Oh my, the lovelies! SO many beautiful woven blankets and accessories, plus they also have their own yarn line. I couldn’t resist getting a hank of lovely wine colored fingering weight. 🙂

The next trip was on Tuesday as my sister and I went to the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village. It is the only remaining ACTIVE Shaker settlement in the country. It’s over 200 years old and the history of the place was overwhelming and so moving. The fifth photo shows one of their streets. The building on the right is a self guided museum tour of the village’s history. There’s also tours of some buildings that are only open to the public through the tour, including their meeting house. I bought some herbs (homegrown), peppermint tea (also homegrown and the best tea I have ever had) and some wool from their own sheep. 🙂 I truly want to go back for more herbs/tea and though I won’t make it this year, there’s a Harvest Festival that I would love to make sure I can get to next year. 🙂

On Sunday, my son and his girlfriend and I went to local drag races. 🙂 I have a friend that races his snowmobile, so we always try to make it when he’s here racing. It was such fun! I love to see the cars (oh the cars!), the kids just learning. We had great weather, not too hot, and for once I remembered sun block and didn’t burn. 😛

And lastly, Monday evening I made homemade chicken zoodle soup. I had made and frozen the chicken broth a few weeks ago, so that was thawed quickly, then plenty of veggies and fresh, homegrown herbs were cut and tossed in. As I eat Paleo, I also used zucchini noodles instead of noodles from a zucchini a co-worker had grown and given to me – so yummy! And today? It was just good as it was Monday, if not better. 🙂

That was me catching up in a nutshell. What have YOU been up to? 🙂