WIP Wednesday

Current Sweater update. Sleeve #1 is done. #2 is about half done. Then it’s the button band and light blocking. Hopefully finished by the end of the week? This is the first time I’ve felted ends together when joining a new ball of yarn, too. 🙂

2015-06-17 06.52.51


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

    • Thank you! I certainly see it becoming a favorite. I may do it in a softer, more neutral color without the lace in the waist, too. Not sure. I’m still trying to stash bust for right now. LOL 🙂

      • Thanks! Last night, I lightly blocked it and this morning I sewed on the buttons. It’s cooler today, so I’m going to wear it to work. It’s GORGEOUS! I’m so pleased with it.

        Pictures tonight. Right now, the lighting is awful.

      • Congratulations and well done. I am sure it is stunning. Bet you will be getting lots of compliments as well.
        Will look forward to your photos, but I know the light is not always in our favour. 🙂

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