A better shot…

The tones really remind me of cinnamon. 🙂

This is another shot, in better lighting, of the sock I posted last night. 🙂

2015-06-22 18.01.31

Tonight on my needles….

I was working on Buttercup by Heidi Kirmaier, except my gauge was way off. It turned out that I’d grabbed the wrong needle tips when I cast on. *facepalm* So I frogged that but instead of picking it up again, I decided to work on a sock WIP.

It’s just a basic toe up pattern from Wendy Knits. The yarn is who knows what from someone on Rav that had it for sale in their stash. 😛 I do love the fall tones, but it’s hard to tell in this photo. Today the weather is truly gloomy and nasty and makes for horrid photos that even PaintShop can’t save. :/  But you get the idea. I’m just not sure how much further up the calf I WANT to go. 😛

2015-06-21 19.41.15

FO Friday!

It is done. It is complete. And I am IN LOVE with it. It had the exact size that I wanted – both sleeves and body – and I adore the color so much! It’s a change for me. I usually do earth tones and so I have nothing in this color. 🙂 And still 7 more balls left over for … Something? LOL 🙂


Critical Design Decisions…

This is the cardi with the body nearly done. I’ll do the sleeves full length, but I am undecided whether to add buttons or not! And if so, WHICH buttons? Such crucial decisions! 🙂


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