My lap top is not new. To put it in perspective,  I bought it shortly before Windows Vista came out. I was determined not to have Vista, so I bought it from Dell during the brief time they sold Linux factory installed.  I adore it. It’s nothing fancy,  but it’s my baby.

Through the years, I’ve updated my OS version, changed the hard drive,  added RAM ( my motherboard is maxed), changed the key board (twice?).

Now his fan is slowly dying.

He’s old. He’s tired.  Poor baby.  I need a new one soon but I don’t want to spend the money.


I previously posted that I did it before Win7 came out. Not sure what made me do that, but I was trying to avoid Vista. I actually like 7. LOL


5 thoughts on “Woe

  1. 😦

    Is it possible for you to replace the fan? Is it an Inspiron by any chance? I found a pretty good tutorial channel that featured how to take one apart, fix the problem, and put it back together again.

    • It’s possible. I’ve got one, but it’s a bitch. I’ve had two IT people say even THEY wouldn’t touch it because it’s a horrible pain to do.

      He’s got other issues, too. Over all, he’s just running slower and ready to be put to rest.

      • Oh, that’s so sad. Sounds like my Inspiron. I’m going to use it as a teaching computer now that it has failed me yet again.

  2. Not to be one up manship, but my Mac was bought new in 2007. It is now maxed out on memory and capability, plus, the parts are no longer made for it. I really do not want to spend the money to replace my dinosaur, but having seen my daughter’s new Mac, bought with her graduation money 2 years ago, I am ready for the replacement. Hmm, wonder if we could get start Go Fund Me pages for our computer needs? Would it fly? LOL

    • LOL! Tempting, isn’t it? We have the money, I just hate to spend it. And I LIKE my antique Dell. 😛

      Plus, I just realized I need to edit my post – I bought it before Vista came out, not Win7. Yeeeesh. I hate the thought of running Win8, but heard there’s some script you can install or run or whatever that gives it the classic look AND I may just upgrade to 10 when it comes out this summer. ARGH I hate to spend money!

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