Real life intervening….

I hope that everyone that celebrates it had a wonderful Easter. We had a very nice, quiet Sunday at our house.

Real life has been busy with incoming spring and I have been madly busy working on my green spring sweater. I’ve borrowed the shaping from Mary Jane Protus’s Lace Border Top, however I’m working the body a bit longer and doing a few rows of garter stitch at the hem instead of the lace. 🙂 The back is completely, the front is getting close to shoulder shaping. Hurray!


I’ve also been bouncing over to my Sock Yarn Blanket occasionally. That’s nearly as wide as I want it to be and I have a couple more squares to attach to the base row. For someone that doesn’t like pink, I have quite a bit of it, but it’s been for projects that were not mine. I have decided, however, there’s far too many different grays, so I’m trying to expand on that.


And lastly I have the chance to get some cashmere for an amazing deal and even have the project picked out… So much yarn, so little time!


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