Tis Shiny!

The new laptop arrived last night and so far, I’m rather in love with it. Windows8 isn’t bugging me nearly as much as I expected, though it’s still not my favorite. I am still getting used to the keyboard, though, and keep having some interesting typos. I still have some files to get off my old computer, but will do that later. The critical ones made it to Dropbox before the last shut down. 🙂

In the meantime, I have a LOT of posts to wade through (I tried on my tablet, but it wasn’t cutting it). Is there anything you want me to make sure to see? 🙂

Now is your chance to say “Hey! Check out my post!” 🙂

And this? Is the new baby, so named Stark. 🙂


There should be a witty title here

There has not been a lot of knitting the last few days.  I coughed and pulled a muscle in my chest and have been incredibly uncomfortable.  It’s a bit better today, so hopefully I’m back to my knitting self soon.

I’ve had a wicked time checking in.  I can check on my phone or tablet,  but it’s not ideal so it’s a pain.  I did order my new laptop today,  so by midweek I should be back to normal. 

It’s going to be quite a change though – going from Linux to Win8 (gag! – be glad for Win10! )


My lap top is not new. To put it in perspective,  I bought it shortly before Windows Vista came out. I was determined not to have Vista, so I bought it from Dell during the brief time they sold Linux factory installed.  I adore it. It’s nothing fancy,  but it’s my baby.

Through the years, I’ve updated my OS version, changed the hard drive,  added RAM ( my motherboard is maxed), changed the key board (twice?).

Now his fan is slowly dying.

He’s old. He’s tired.  Poor baby.  I need a new one soon but I don’t want to spend the money.


I previously posted that I did it before Win7 came out. Not sure what made me do that, but I was trying to avoid Vista. I actually like 7. LOL

See what I did!

FINALLY I have a knit project to post. I wanted something springy to wear to work since nearly everything I have is heavy wool. This is Lana Grossa’s Coccinella, which is a cotton blend. This is based on Mary Jane Protus’s Lace Border Top, except I eliminated the lace and did a few rows of garter at the hem and cuffs instead and made it a bit longer. It’s exactly what I was looking for, though I may end up closing the neck opening a bit more. I’m not sure yet. I see this getting a lot of wear this summer! 🙂


Real life intervening….

I hope that everyone that celebrates it had a wonderful Easter. We had a very nice, quiet Sunday at our house.

Real life has been busy with incoming spring and I have been madly busy working on my green spring sweater. I’ve borrowed the shaping from Mary Jane Protus’s Lace Border Top, however I’m working the body a bit longer and doing a few rows of garter stitch at the hem instead of the lace. 🙂 The back is completely, the front is getting close to shoulder shaping. Hurray!


I’ve also been bouncing over to my Sock Yarn Blanket occasionally. That’s nearly as wide as I want it to be and I have a couple more squares to attach to the base row. For someone that doesn’t like pink, I have quite a bit of it, but it’s been for projects that were not mine. I have decided, however, there’s far too many different grays, so I’m trying to expand on that.


And lastly I have the chance to get some cashmere for an amazing deal and even have the project picked out… So much yarn, so little time!