Thursday’s Needles

The socks are coming along. I’m on the homestretch now and have one repeat to left to do before a few rounds of stockinette and then the toe decrease. I DO love this yarn and I do love the pattern so much, it’s just been very challenging to work on.


Also, a Sock Yarn Blanket update. 🙂 It’s starting to take shape but obviously has a way to go. I’m definitely not wide enough yet, though I’m undecided how much wider I want to go. Definitely about half again as wide, so I can curl up with it on the couch.

And you know, for someone that doesn’t generally like pink, I have a lot of it. LOL



6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Needles

    • Thank you! I just posted a picture of the finished socks. 🙂

      I’m SO excited about the blanket. It’s such a neat idea for using up scrap yarn. 🙂

      • One can never have to many blankies. I live in a much warmer country, and love blankets, so it just makes sense for your part of the world. And your blanket is so pretty and colourful. It will be a family favourite for a long time.

      • I love blankets. 🙂 Except for one or two, they’re just quick ripple afghans thrown together, so it will be nice to have some with actual patterns (I have a KAL I am WAY behind on going somewhere as well, lol!). But this one is just so different, it couldn’t be resisted!

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