Newest Project

I have been wanting to make Bernat’s Sterling Cables sweater for ages. It’s one of the oldest patterns in my queue on Ravelry. This past week, I decided that enough was enough. I had more than enough Cascade 220 in my stash from a long ago spree and cast it on.

The back is flying along, to my delight. The pattern is well written – the large cable panel in the center is both written and charted. I do have plans to make it a bit longer in the body for that extra bit of warmth for a brutal New England winter. Likely, I’ll probably get it done just in time for spring, but ah well. Warm thoughts as I knit, right? 🙂

2015-02-22 08.28.34



8 thoughts on “Newest Project

  1. It is pretty. I just started learning how to knit. I am still at my 3rd project which is a scarf for my husband. I wish one day I can make something like this. 🙂

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