In Which I Cry Uncle

I have lived in the Northeast since I was 4 and my parents grew up here. Normally, I love snow and winter and crisp, clean air. But right now? I’ve about reached my limit. We had the blizzard a week ago and got about a foot and a half. We had another Nor’Easter Friday and Saturday and got another foot. Today? We’re getting another foot, then tomorrow will be decent so we can clean up – Just in time for another storm Wednesday into Thursday! (and it’s supposed to dump about what we’ve gotten today, too) There’s even the possibility of another one over the weekend.

Truly. Enough already. It makes it hard to plan ANYTHING and it’s getting very difficult to get things cleaned up between storms.

This was my house this morning before I left for work. Before Storm #3. Enough already.



3 thoughts on “In Which I Cry Uncle

  1. I’m sorry! I have family in Ohio and they are on the verge of moving back down south. However, I’ve warned them the wind is bone chilling because we aren’t used to it. Holding our breath that we don’t have another ice storm (the first in history, it seemed like it anyway, smile) like the time last year.

    Stay warm and safe and keep fighting, smile.

    • I’ve been through an ice storm or two. They’re not fun at all.

      Our current temperature is -3 before the windchill. I don’t dare look to see where that puts us right now. Hubby jokes about moving to the Carolinas and I just can’t do it. I don’t want to be away from family and it just gets too hot in the summer. 😛 (I HATE heat and humidity)

  2. The picture of your house in the snow is very pretty, specially if you live here in sunny Johannesburg, SA, where we may see snow every 10 years of so. But I can understand totally how you feel. Our heat is pretty nice, as it is not so humid mostly.
    🙂 At least I can stare at your snow and enjoy it.

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