This was the view outside my front door when I got up this morning. At this point, it’s only been snowing for about 3 hours and we already have several inches, though it’s hard to tell because the high wind is blowing it around so much.

Everything has closed today, including my work, and for a change people are heeding travel warnings and staying off the roads.

So far, we still have power and internet, so I’m good to roll. If we do lose power, the generator is stocked and all major housework has been done and there’s allergy friendly left overs in the fridge we can heat up, plus plenty more food.

Who remembers where I live? 😀 As a refresher, I’m in Maine, so we’re right in the middle of that huge storm. We’re due for over 24 inches of snow and we’re well on our way. Fun times!

Anyone else that’s in this storm’s path, stay safe. Stay warm. And don’t forget your knitting. 😛


20 thoughts on “Snowmageddon

  1. I’m in southern NH and we’ve already got over a foot. I’m actually in the “Blizzard Warming” zone so I’m hoping the power doesn’t go out. Our apartment building doesn’t have a generator. 😦

    Stay warm!

    • Oh no! I hope your power holds. So far, we still have ours. I’m not sure if it’s flickered or not because we really haven’t turned on the tv or lights today and have just enjoyed the quiet. 🙂

      I think we’ve gotten about a foot ish, too. My husband is out cleaning up right now and plowing (he plows a few driveways and such) and just made a path so the dog could pee.

      • We just got plowed out here (but the complex uses heavy machinery rather than a truck). We’re probably pushing 2 feet at this point given the fact that cars are uniform lumps at the moment.

        Our power held during the Thanksgiving storm this past fall so I’m not terribly worried about loosing power.

        I’m glad you’re enjoying your day! I’ve knit almost one entire fingerless mitt and I’m planning on continuing to craft for the rest of the storm.

      • Those mitts you’re working on are so pretty! I can’t wait to see when they’re done. I’m taking a knitting break to make banana bread. 🙂

      • Thank you! They’re not terribly difficult but the sizing is a little odd. Free pattern too!

        I’m more of a pumpkin bread person my self but today does seem like a good baking day. 🙂

      • They’re incredibly pretty! And free is ALWAYS a good thing.

        I adore pumpkin bread too (and really, anything from fall foods!), but I had some bananas that needed to be used up, so viola! I’m thinking the pumpkin sitting on my counter is destined for soup! 😛

      • Ooh, pumpkin soup sounds really good!

        My mom has a book “Never Throw Away A Bannana Again” and that has led to about a half dozen frozen banana’s filling her freezer.

      • LOL! That’s wonderful!

        The woman that runs the LYS down the road from me has a delicious pumpkin soup she makes, but with my food issues, I can’t have it. 😦

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