Employment Update

Shh.. I know, I know. Not one, but TWO personal posts. Ooh. Although.. this one does sort of tie into knitting. LOL Loosely.

I haven’t been around much since the start of the year because work has been absolutely batty. And along with this battiness, I was asked to go full time, which brings my free-for-knitting days down to 1 day a week. Yes, I’m working 6 days a week. Yes, I am insane, except I love both my jobs.

For one of my jobs it is pretty obvious why I enjoy it so much – it’s once a week at my LYS and it’s like a bit of fiber heaven when I’m there. πŸ™‚

For the other job, if you could quirk your eyebrow at me, you probably would. The one I just began working full time at is a funeral home. We’re fairly large, the largest in our state, and we have a good reputation. We work hard for that reputation. It may seem incredibly weird to say that I work there but.. I do. I work in the office upstairs, one of those people that almost no one ever sees but without us, nothing would run smoothly for the families we help.

Is it sad? Oh my word yes. There are some days when you get a call that just rips your heart out.

But what makes it worth it? Is when you can do something so simple in part of preparing for a service for the family and it gives them just a hint of a smile. To help ease them in what is the most difficult time in their life. I like to think we help just a little bit.

So yes, for 5 days a week, I’m at a funeral home, for one day a week I’m at the yarn store – and all of this severely cuts into my knitting time. Plus. I’ve just been knitting hats. You can only see so many hat pictures. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Employment Update

  1. I don’t mind seeing hats over and over again!

    Congrats on going full time for one of your jobs. I’m not sure I could do it but it seems like you really like your work and that’s what matters in that kind of thing. I’ve only seen funeral homes from the customer side, but it’s always, always appreciated when things go smoothly.

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