It is to cry

Of today’s good:
Hubby was a more than awesome hubby and got me Knitter’s Pride’s Karbonz Interchangeable set. I got the DPN set the other day and they are absolutely, utterly to die for. Never have I used a more delicious knitting needle. Oh I am so in love! So hubby was awesome and got these for me as well. Nothing in the interchangeables small enough for socks, so it’s DPNs until the LYS gets fixed circulars in as well. 🙂

Of the un-good:
My refrigerator has died. I’m not sure how old it is, but we’ve been in this house for nearly 8 years and the fridge was about 3 years old when we bought it from friends. 10 – 11 years? And it’s not cold. On Christmas Eve. Bloody Hell. Hubby desperately wants a side by side with ice in the door… And nothing is deliverable or in stores if we order until about New Year’s Eve. What the hell do I do for a week with no functioning fridge? He’s currently seeing if he can make it limp along until we can get a suitable replacement… Or we’re using coolers, apparently. Thank the Gods we’re in New England, where we’re typically below freezing this time of year?

And we’re due to have my mum and step dad tomorrow for Christmas dinner.

Did I say Bloody Hell yet? *head desk*

(Hubby says he may be able to get it running. The drain backed up and the run off froze, which means the fan stopped running because it was hitting the ice. We’re unclogging and thawing it now and we’re hoping like whoa we won’t have to make an emergency trip to Lowe’s Friday)


4 thoughts on “It is to cry

    • Oh yikes! We have no back up, so we’d have to order one and figure something out until it got here. Fortunately, we have the money so that isn’t an issue (we don’t believe in credit cards), but it’s the inconvenience.

      It was 39 in my fridge when I got up this morning. YAY! 🙂

  1. Yay for needles!!

    I am so sorry about your fridge… I wish I were closer to lend a hand in some way. I hope it is all resolved soon.

    Until then, eat all the bad foods (bc you have no choice) and knit all the things with the new needles!!!

    • I haven’t had a chance to update yet. It’s gotten a bit chaotic here (unexpected death in the family), but we were able to fix it, fortunately (hurray for handy man hubbies and father in laws). The only things we really lost were some cheeses, including my dairy free. :/

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