Winddown to Sanity? Also? HELP!

1. I am working on the Ryder Raccoon cowl for a friend. It’s absolutely adorable! I am not normally a fan of acrylic (as in I can’t stand it), but occasionally, it does have its place and this is one of those times.  Since I’m working with super bulky yarn, it will probably be done in an hour or so if I can stay focused long enough.

2. I swear, after the holidays are done, I’m taking a knitting break for a month and just reading. There’s so much this year I HAVEN’T read yet and it’s because I’ve been knitting (or baking!) in my spare time. So yes, this is also a possibility. Need more hours in the day! 🙂

3. A friend of mine also contacted me about the project below. She has a daughter turning 7 in the spring and would love to have this made for her, but I’m terrible at reverse engineering and Rav/Pinterest/Google Fu are failing me. It’s either for dolls or infants, neither of which would work (I suppose in a HUGE pinch I could upsize). And I need knit, not crochet. Anyone have ANY ideas?



6 thoughts on “Winddown to Sanity? Also? HELP!

  1. I’d make the main part just like a hat. Cast on in the round, then slowly decrease as you get down to the end. As for the fins, you could make each fin like a triangular shawl, fold in half and seam the selvage, then sew on.

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