Quiet times

So I’m a wee bit quiet on this end of things. I did have a wee touch of stomach flu, but promise everything is ok now. 🙂

At this point, I’m preparing for a family holiday dinner tomorrow afternoon (lots of baking, decorating and cleaning to be done tonight), knitting holiday gifts and extra hours at the funeral home I work at. Plus, it’s a little over a week away from Yule (yay!), which I’ll celebrate quietly. 🙂

What about you? What does your family celebrate this time of year? What traditions do you have, whatever your path or faith?


2 thoughts on “Quiet times

  1. Between trying to have Christmas with siblings and parents, my dad’s family, Hubster’s family and then our own little family we end up with 4-5 celebrations to get through. Just glad none of them are at my house!!!

    • Oh my goodness! We used to travel for the holiday, but I put my foot down a few years ago. We stay home and then people are welcome to drop in and see us anytime during Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It was just getting too chaotic being on the go so much.

      This is the one “big” dinner I’ll be having and there’s only 4 guests expected, so that won’t be too terrible.

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