2014 was, apparently, a prolific year for socks. 🙂 6 pairs and another one already on the needles. 🙂 2 of those were gifts. Many of these, overall, were gifts. At the same time, I can also feel a huge jump in my knitting skills since the beginning of the year, though I think a lot of that could be attributed to working at the LYS down the road. 😛

A Knitter’s Bandit

FINALLY I have some decent light for a post holiday photo. 🙂 I made out like a bandit at Christmas. My family knows me so well.

From my hubby, I got the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz interchangeable set, which I just LOVE. From a dear friend, I got the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz DPN set. My sister got me Blue Sky Alpaca Melange, which I am just chomping at the bit to find the perfect pattern for. 🙂 And my mum got me this spectacular project bag. I’m in love with it all! 🙂

2014-12-31 08.07.15

Then I had this last minute gift to whip up for a friend’s daughter in Rowan Pure Wool. 🙂


As soon as I get a chance, I’ll do my year end knitting wrap up post. 🙂

It is to cry

Of today’s good:
Hubby was a more than awesome hubby and got me Knitter’s Pride’s Karbonz Interchangeable set. I got the DPN set the other day and they are absolutely, utterly to die for. Never have I used a more delicious knitting needle. Oh I am so in love! So hubby was awesome and got these for me as well. Nothing in the interchangeables small enough for socks, so it’s DPNs until the LYS gets fixed circulars in as well. 🙂

Of the un-good:
My refrigerator has died. I’m not sure how old it is, but we’ve been in this house for nearly 8 years and the fridge was about 3 years old when we bought it from friends. 10 – 11 years? And it’s not cold. On Christmas Eve. Bloody Hell. Hubby desperately wants a side by side with ice in the door… And nothing is deliverable or in stores if we order until about New Year’s Eve. What the hell do I do for a week with no functioning fridge? He’s currently seeing if he can make it limp along until we can get a suitable replacement… Or we’re using coolers, apparently. Thank the Gods we’re in New England, where we’re typically below freezing this time of year?

And we’re due to have my mum and step dad tomorrow for Christmas dinner.

Did I say Bloody Hell yet? *head desk*

(Hubby says he may be able to get it running. The drain backed up and the run off froze, which means the fan stopped running because it was hitting the ice. We’re unclogging and thawing it now and we’re hoping like whoa we won’t have to make an emergency trip to Lowe’s Friday)


Break for the holidays will begin today, which means I am likely to be off line more than usual until… Friday, perhaps? Work today, last day of school the the Household Teen, then we begin the made clean spree for family to invade for Christmas Day.


Whatever your faith, whatever your path and celebrations this time of year,
may they be merry and blessed.


1. Christmas shopping is, for the most part, finished. Just a few trinkets left and it will be complete. I’ve ordered us a family gift of Google Chromecast that will be here Tuesday. I’ll have a co-worker fill out the tag from Santa for me. 🙂  My Father in law ordered my mother in law a Galaxy Tab 4 7″ tablet with my help, THAT will be here Tuesday as well. We got my son some things for his guitar and … 15 year old boys are impossible to shop for! LOL

2. I just got back from the LYS I work at. Came home with a  Marion Foale cap pattern to make up just after Christmas with this really pretty eggplant color I have in my stash. Maybe a Christmas Eve/Day project?

3. And I bought myself a Christmas present while I was there, too. 🙂 I got a set of Knitter’s Pride Karbonz Double Point needles that are just gorgeous. I can’t wait to get those going! Next up is the interchangeable set. *grin*

TA DAH! It’s an FO!

Friend of a friend was looking for the Ryder Raccoon Cowl, so for the price of the yarn, I whipped it up for her. It is absolutely the most adorable thing I have seen in ages, though Belle totally does not agree. 🙂  They are also a dog friendly household, but I still just put it through a round of Soak so it will be even softer for the little girl. 🙂


Winddown to Sanity? Also? HELP!

1. I am working on the Ryder Raccoon cowl for a friend. It’s absolutely adorable! I am not normally a fan of acrylic (as in I can’t stand it), but occasionally, it does have its place and this is one of those times.  Since I’m working with super bulky yarn, it will probably be done in an hour or so if I can stay focused long enough.

2. I swear, after the holidays are done, I’m taking a knitting break for a month and just reading. There’s so much this year I HAVEN’T read yet and it’s because I’ve been knitting (or baking!) in my spare time. So yes, this is also a possibility. Need more hours in the day! 🙂

3. A friend of mine also contacted me about the project below. She has a daughter turning 7 in the spring and would love to have this made for her, but I’m terrible at reverse engineering and Rav/Pinterest/Google Fu are failing me. It’s either for dolls or infants, neither of which would work (I suppose in a HUGE pinch I could upsize). And I need knit, not crochet. Anyone have ANY ideas?



A few weeks ago, my dad called all excited because he and his girlfriend had gotten me something cool for Christmas.  Um. Ok. Sure.

Today, we made it through a power outage to have a small Christmas dinner with family. After dinner, we opened gifts and I finally got to open mine.

What was it? A pasta attachment for my KitchenAid. I am SO excited! Tomorrow? We’re having spaghetti! \o/


Quiet times

So I’m a wee bit quiet on this end of things. I did have a wee touch of stomach flu, but promise everything is ok now. 🙂

At this point, I’m preparing for a family holiday dinner tomorrow afternoon (lots of baking, decorating and cleaning to be done tonight), knitting holiday gifts and extra hours at the funeral home I work at. Plus, it’s a little over a week away from Yule (yay!), which I’ll celebrate quietly. 🙂

What about you? What does your family celebrate this time of year? What traditions do you have, whatever your path or faith?

Weekend Clean Up

This weekend, instead of concentrating on my sister’s wool, linen stitch scarf, I cleaned up and organized and re-organized my kitchen. Some of this is inspired by a recent kitchen post by Nerd in the Brain

Since we originally built it, our needs have changed, so things needed to be redone. 🙂 I finally tackled that today. Cupboard contents were swapped around, things thrown out, etc. I must say, I’m pretty pleased with how things turned out.