We made it through. . .

We made it through the storm, though we did lose power around 5pm last night. As of now, it is not back on yet. Fortunately, we have a generator, so we still have heat, water, food, etc. We do not, however, have cable tv or internet (I’m doing this at work).  Power is not expected to be restored to my area until Wednesday, most likely.

No tv? I see a lot of knitting being done. 🙂


9 thoughts on “We made it through. . .

    • We really did. Still no power here, so we’re stocking up on gasoline for the genny since it could be overnight Wednesday before we see power again.

    • It’s getting a little old. I realize we’re much more fortunate than some. There are so many without generators even, but it’s just a pain. Help had come down from Canada, though, which I am so grateful for!

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