Sock Yarn Blankie – Take 2

I finally managed to get a better picture of the blanket. It’s only about a third as wide as I want it to be, I think. Maybe even a quarter. Will know better when I actually get it wider and laid out. 🙂 I’m noticing I have a LOT of brightly colored sock yarn, but what a fun project to see these yarns and remember what I did with them!

I’m still torn between letting these rest once I’ve used each one once or twice and waiting to do more until I have more, new yarns for the stash or if I just want to let ‘er rip. We’ll have to see.

In the meantime, it’s a great project when you don’t want to think real hard about what you’re working on. 😛



Right off the bat, I felt like hammered shit when I woke up this morning and had a feeling it was going to be a long day. I was right. We were fairly slow at work today, so I was able to leave shortly after 12:00. Jammies and warm socks were put on and I curled up on the couch with whatever brain cells I could muster to work on my sock yarn blankie. I made some progress! 🙂

sock yarn blankie


This weekend, I REALLY need to make up some chicken stock for my stash, but I’ve never done it. I’m fairly confident I CAN, but I’m wondering about time frame as Saturday I have to work and Sunday I have to be away for a few hours just after lunch.

So. Help? Surely someone here has made it before? 🙂

Old Project Photo

Today at the LYS, we were trying to photograph my linen stitch scarf for a newsletter. It was good that I had it at work today because we actually had someone stop in asking about making one. 🙂  We wrapped it around the mannequin and got a few photos of it, like this:


Also, this is my kitchen, where I spend the time I’m not knitting. Or sleeping. 🙂


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Don’t worry. We haven’t had another blizzard. 🙂 I’m off today due to the holiday. This morning, I’m going to have coffee with a friend and then after, I am going to relax and spend it knitting. I have several small projects I’ve been asked to knit by friends that I’d like to get out of the way – leg warmers, a hat and mittens. I don’t work at my primary job again until Friday and don’t have any huge kitchen time scheduled until the weekend. Although, I DO have the blank book I bought for all my latest and greatest kitchen recipes, tips, allergy related bits. I … Nah….

How much knitting can I get done? Hm…

Finished Lehigh

Last night I finished putting together my Rowan Pure Wool Lehigh Sweater.

It was quite a change for me since,  but for one,  my previous sweaters have all been top down.  The other was bottom up. 

The pattern was fantastic. The only shaping was around the neck,  so it was a great project for watching TV.  I adored working with the yarn and it blocked beautifully.  I’m also wearing the sweater now and it’s so snuggly and warm!


Ta Dah!

No pretty picture to go with the post this time, but we have had power since about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. Hurray!

I wish there was a way to thank these wonderful crews from Nova Scotia that came down because their help is so much appreciated!