And I hate the world today….

I am in an “I hate my body and food” sort of mood again today. I’m in the midst of a reaction that was preventable if I’d only known what I was looking at. It’s another one of those less obvious ingredients with a deceptive name that, depending on how it’s processed, may or may not trigger a reaction (like caramel coloring). And since there is no way to know how it’s been processed (again, like caramel coloring), I’m going to have to just avoid it all together.

*sigh* Childthing is off camping with his phys. ed. class this weekend, so it’s the perfect time to gut and clean the kitchen and do a complete overhaul – in preparation of pretty much doing everything of mine from scratch (even more than I do already, nifty!).

The more I watch what I eat, the more I seem to be unable to tolerate and it’s just getting so frustrating.


5 thoughts on “And I hate the world today….

  1. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. It is NOT fun! This is why I garden and make as much from scratch as possible. It is way more work that I’d prefer to spend the time knitting or sewing, but so much nicer when we eat. I also can and freeze (carrots were frozen today and I should be canning tomato juice) most of the garden produce and anything I can glean locally. All that is left are the tomatoes and gleaning apples for applesauce and then I can focus on knitting and sewing, maybe? 🙂

    • Maybe! 🙂

      I do so much from scratch already and usually my bread too. But this time, I’d just run out and whatever was going on, no time to make any more so we grabbed this loaf. There’s a couple I can eat without any problems. But this was a different one and though I’d checked the label, I just missed these because they aren’t technically a dairy product. GRR

      Now I know.

    • Ok, coming back for more…

      I have a chest freezer, so freezing is also an option for me – how do you freeze carrots? Do you blanch them first? What else freezes well and for how long? (ish?)

      I wish I had my own source for apples. There’s one not far where I should go for apples and cider… Maybe this weekend?

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