To the top of the queue!

Remember the other day when I asked about your Dream Project? This is one of mine. We have the model of this Rowan sweater at the LYS that I work at and I have been eyeing it since long before I worked there. Well, today I finally decided. I am going to take the plunge. I think I’m ready for it. The LYS I’m at carries all the yarns BUT.. My budget does not allow me to get them all at once, so depending on how many are required for the project, I’ll get one or two colors at a time. The slight delay will also give me time to wrap up a few other things first. 🙂

This is the sweater, for the link-phobic. 🙂



5 thoughts on “To the top of the queue!

  1. That is a beautiful cardigan – best of luck. My dream item is to make a “wedding ring” style shawl. In fact I have just begun to cast on this project and anticipate that it will take a year to complete. It is nice to work on something that truly inspires me though.

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