Nearly there…

My Lehigh Jumper in Rowan’s Pure Wool Worsted is nearly done. I cast on the second sleeve last night, blocked the front and back pieces yesterday and hope to be able to block the first sleeve tonight after the trick or treating is done. With any luck, I can put it together Sunday when I’m off work. I hope.

This is the first time I’ve done a sweater that will be seamed, so I am a bit nervous there. I want it to look nice and can see myself being a perfectionist over it. (Usually I do top down sweaters)

I do love this project – the pattern is written extremely well and the yarn! Oh! I do so love it. I can’t wait to cuddle up in it when it’s finished. It’s been fantastic to work with.

Here is my pile of finished bits:

2014-10-31 06.49.26

When you and I Collide…

My son and I did something different last night. At the last minute, I found out that Howie Day was doing a home show at Husson University. I am a huge fan and he hasn’t come to do a local show in about ten years. New cd out in the spring. Prices were reasonable. Acoustic show. My son is learning to play. PERFECT!!

He was absolutely amazing. Him, his guitar, a piano and a fantastic back up singer whose name I shamefully forget and hopefully can edit in later. 🙂 He played a terrific mix of old songs that we all knew and new songs from his upcoming album (probably 4 of them? 5?). It was amazing watching him set up the looping effects of different songs and building the different layers. SO much talent packed into one person. 🙂

And yes, I have to admit to fangirling a wee bit because his grandfather was sitting one row in front of us and a couple of seats over, his mom a few rows in front of us. LOTS of people at the show knew him, which was neat.

Hell of a show. I’d go see him again in a heartbeat. 🙂



WIP Wednesday. ..

The Lehigh pullover is coming along nicely.  (I’m pretty sure I’ve linked in a previous post) The ball is finished and the front piece is growing quickly.  Will I finish for next week?  Not sure but it’s gong to be close!  😉


Rain rain go away!

It’s a dreary, rainy evrning in Northern New England. Tonight finds me curled up on the couch with the first afghan I ever cabled and a cup of tea. My lap top is ill, so until I can change the fan out I’m relegated to my tablet.

So I guess the question is …. what do you do on dreary evenings? 🙂

And I hate the world today….

I am in an “I hate my body and food” sort of mood again today. I’m in the midst of a reaction that was preventable if I’d only known what I was looking at. It’s another one of those less obvious ingredients with a deceptive name that, depending on how it’s processed, may or may not trigger a reaction (like caramel coloring). And since there is no way to know how it’s been processed (again, like caramel coloring), I’m going to have to just avoid it all together.

*sigh* Childthing is off camping with his phys. ed. class this weekend, so it’s the perfect time to gut and clean the kitchen and do a complete overhaul – in preparation of pretty much doing everything of mine from scratch (even more than I do already, nifty!).

The more I watch what I eat, the more I seem to be unable to tolerate and it’s just getting so frustrating.

New WIP?

I’m working by myself at the yarn store this week and next so I found a new sweater to cast on.  It’s called Lehigh and made with Rowan’s awesome new Pure Wool Worsted in Rust. I love that it looks so comfy and warm and is working up so quickly (I usually do sweaters in fingering weight yarn). I can’t wait for it to be done!


Gardening 2015 Thoughts

The season is barely over and I’m already thinking about next year – things to do differently, more of, less of, not at all. How to rearrange things. I had a successful year doing everything organically – maybe not a stellar year, but I did it with no sprays. *pats back*

Next year, I know there’s things I want more of – hopefully enough to get into canning, otherwise I’ll supplement from the farmer’s market. I do have plans to have hubby make the gardening area larger, for sure.

So. Does anyone here can? Any tips and tricks? Good blogs to follow? Helpful links? (I know some are better than others…) Books? I do better with books, something tangible I can hold in my hand and refer back to.