A lesson on… lessons?

I’ve mentioned previously that I work at my favorite LYS. One of our regular customers has a hankering to knit a pair of socks and the store owner has asked me to show her. The customer has knit in the round in the past, so this is a good start.


I’ve never taught anyone how to knit. Any pointers? It will be one on one, which is good. And we’ll be working with worsted, too.

I’m excited AND nervous! 😛


In the meantime, Happy birthday to me! (It’s next week) I’ve been wanting a new phone, hating the one I had. So I bit the bullet today and got myself a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and I adore it. \o/ (the case and screen protector shall arrive tomorrow)



12 thoughts on “A lesson on… lessons?

    • Thank you! I’m rather excited about it – and thrilled the store’s owner thinks I can do it. 🙂

      I am SO in love with my new phone (I’m such a gadget geek!), it’s a bit ridiculous. 🙂

      • Oh me either! And we have no land line, so this is it for contacting me. I also have a Galaxy tablet that I never go without either. I’d be so lost without either! 🙂

      • 🙂 We are so alike on Tech gadgets. lol. I have a Galaxy Tablet, and use it just as much. It is perfect and I love using it for storing files and books and magazines and photos.
        My daughter laughs at me for always carrying my tablet and phone when I leave the house. But I love being “connected” when I travel.
        (no landline either!)

      • 😉 Indeed. You are better than me, I carry a wallet as well. And the charger cable, one never knows when you will need it.
        I guess it is the way these days. 🙂
        Have fun with your new phone.

      • I think it’s funny how you and I are so alike this way. I was kidding about the wallet, I do have one. 😛 I have a charger cable for my phone that stays in my car, one that stays at my desk at work. I have a cable for my tablet that travels with me in my purse, but another that stays home. 🙂

      • Indeed. 🙂
        I like the idea of having more than one charger cable, and I think I should copy you on that. I use one cable and carry it around, but it makes more sense to just have additional ones in convenient places.
        Have a great day, happy knitting. 😉

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