Not quite WIP Wednesday

I’m trying very hard to get these finished. I have one done and have moved on to the foot of the second sock. I have SO many projects I want to do, but these need to be finished, then a pair of hats for a couple of friends (this weekend? Maybe?). And then, and then…

Am I the only one with an enormous Knitting Wishlist? Or that has a Dream Project? If you do, what’s yours? 🙂

Anyway, striped socken… 2014-09-30 19.33.50

And I’m not even going to THINK about how I apparently ate something today that’s made me itchy (well, I know I have, I had a couple of Timmy Ho’s muffins, but knew this would happen. *sigh*)

A lesson on… lessons?

I’ve mentioned previously that I work at my favorite LYS. One of our regular customers has a hankering to knit a pair of socks and the store owner has asked me to show her. The customer has knit in the round in the past, so this is a good start.


I’ve never taught anyone how to knit. Any pointers? It will be one on one, which is good. And we’ll be working with worsted, too.

I’m excited AND nervous! 😛


In the meantime, Happy birthday to me! (It’s next week) I’ve been wanting a new phone, hating the one I had. So I bit the bullet today and got myself a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and I adore it. \o/ (the case and screen protector shall arrive tomorrow)


A WIP complete

. . . . and another well on the way

I finished my Cherry Cola socks Tuesday morning. I love them. The yarn is Lana Grossa and I really liked working with it (which is good as I have much more stashed in other colors). They fit great and I can’t wait for it to cool off more to wear them! 🙂

Also have these striped socks well under way. I have plans to make a red, grey and blue sweater to go with them out of mystery wool (spools from a mill that were given to me). Eventually. 🙂