Where have I been?

It’s been kind of quiet at this end of things. It’s not that I’m not knitting, I am. But everything is in WIP-limbo, which is frustrating.

1 – I’m still plugging away at the Rowan Mystery KAL. I’m taking my time, trying to keep it fun.

2 – I am knitting a feather and fan afghan for my toddler nephew. It’s just about halfway finished. I’ll be glad to get it away. It’s getting a bit boring, now.

3 – 2 pairs of socks. I’m to the heel in pair #1. It’s more like a traveling project than one I’m really working on. It goes to knitting group, etc with me. The other pair was started because I went to visit with a knitting friend and forgot Pair #1. So now there’s pair #2.

4 – Haven’t worked much on my Sock Yarn Blankie because I have other things to get finished. :/

5 – And because I have to end this in a multiple of 5…. Yesterday was my older sister’s wedding reception. They got married last fall and because he’s been in Baghdad, they didn’t have one until last night. What a good time! (We’re hoping my brother in law is home for good. He’s a contractor, so … It’s possible!)




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