Another WIP Nearly Done

We’re away for our last camping trip of the season.  I always bring a knitting project and this time around I’ve brought my Cherry Cola Socks. Last night I finished one and cast on the other. I’m a little over half way to the heel of the second sock. I’m hoping to finish them before we head home tomorrow. 

One WIP down…

Managed to get one WIP finished, finally. Yarn is just Bernat something or other. (Know your recipient, I’m not spending the money on good yarn when I know it likely won’t be taken care of). Afghan is a basic feather and fan. Will ship this out Wednesday.


WIP Wednesday, the sock edition

In my post the other day, I mentioned heing stuck in WIP Limbo, which included two pairs of socks.

This is one pair. The yarn is Lana Grossa, which I adore a lot. It’s knitting up very nicely and rather reminds me of Cherry Coke, don’t you think?


Where have I been?

It’s been kind of quiet at this end of things. It’s not that I’m not knitting, I am. But everything is in WIP-limbo, which is frustrating.

1 – I’m still plugging away at the Rowan Mystery KAL. I’m taking my time, trying to keep it fun.

2 – I am knitting a feather and fan afghan for my toddler nephew. It’s just about halfway finished. I’ll be glad to get it away. It’s getting a bit boring, now.

3 – 2 pairs of socks. I’m to the heel in pair #1. It’s more like a traveling project than one I’m really working on. It goes to knitting group, etc with me. The other pair was started because I went to visit with a knitting friend and forgot Pair #1. So now there’s pair #2.

4 – Haven’t worked much on my Sock Yarn Blankie because I have other things to get finished. :/

5 – And because I have to end this in a multiple of 5…. Yesterday was my older sister’s wedding reception. They got married last fall and because he’s been in Baghdad, they didn’t have one until last night. What a good time! (We’re hoping my brother in law is home for good. He’s a contractor, so … It’s possible!)