WIP: Sanquhar Gloves Update: Making Progress!

I’m so excited about these gloves. I’m making progress in leaps and bounds. Each time I encounter something new in the structure, I get nervous because it’s NEW. Once I get past it, I realize that there was nothing to be nervous over and keep right on trucking. There’s a couple of minor stitch errors but nothing that will effect the overall glove and besides, that’s what makes them mine, right?

A co-worker’s daughter is actually living in Scotland and she’s asked if I could make her a pair of these, which I don’t mind doing, but I have NO clue what to charge her. I’ll figure it out!

In the meantime, here’s the latest progress photo:



5 thoughts on “WIP: Sanquhar Gloves Update: Making Progress!

    • Thank you so very much. I’m really enjoying these. I’ll be honest – this is the first time I have EVER done colorwork. Nothing like jumping right in, right? šŸ˜› One thing I’ve discovered is as long as I highlight on my graph my completed stitches, I do pretty well staying on track.

    • Right? I printed them from the magazine’s website, but if I want to do any of the other square designs for these gloves, I’m going to have to do this myself. It’s rather daunting!

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