WIP Update: What was I thinking? project or My Sanquhar Gloves

Just a couple of notes more for my future reference than anything else.

  1. I tried to keep track of where I was on the graph through various ways – a ruler, a magnifying ruler, etc. Neither really worked out too well. I ended up having to print the pattern from the magazine’s website and have to highlight every few stitches as I go on the hand (who knows? The fingers could be different)
  2. I’ve also put in stitch markers for either side of the thumb so I can keep better track of my increases for the thumb gusset.
  3. Each round takes roughly 15 minutes of me carefully counting and highlighting and knitting, but that’s ok. I’d rather work more slowly and have it be right. There’s a couple of errors, but they’re minor. I think. LOL



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