Random Project Updates

The other day, I went in to TJ Maxx and found a lovely round basket with high sides that would be perfect for holding the yarn for my sock yarn blankie. I have more than I thought, though not as much as I’d hoped. I found someone on Rav selling something out of their stash and thought I’d use it for this – turns out I like the yarn and may make a pair of socks of it first. LOL

My What was I thinking? project is coming along. I’m documenting as I go so when it’s complete (or half complete, as the case may be), I can post about it with lots of pics. On the other hand, if it implodes grandly, I can deny it ever happened, too. 🙂 I’m coming up to a change in the structure, which is making me nervous, but the house is quiet, so I think I’ll be able to manage it. I hope. 🙂

Girl bits are sorely bothering me today, so any outside stuff I’d hoped to do has sort of taken a back seat to Advil and heating pads. 😦  And air conditioning.


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