Trying new things

Today’s garden update is that I got my herbs in and got them watered. I ordered plant markers off Etsy today that look adorable and they customize the markers for you, if you want. So I did want. 🙂 I have seeds to get in but they haven’t arrived yet. I truly hope they’re here soon because I can’t go further until they do. 😦

I’m losing my mind. Someone here posted about finishing up a pair of Water for Elephants socks and I can’t remember who and I can’t find the post or the emails. It’s driving me nuts.(Who were you please?) I had admired the socks, especially because I hadn’t ever done any sort of colorwork before and I was encouraged to give them a go. And so I am.

I got the yarn for them today. Some beautiful blues from Regia. It’s SO dangerous working at my favorite LYS! 😛





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