Leave nothing but footprints…

For those of you in the States – Happy Memorial Day. Remember those that came before, those that gave their lives, and those that fight for us now for they should never be forgotten.

Today, I did a thing. One of my semi-secret things is I love photography. I love abandonments. I love to think about those that were once there, what could have made them leave, all the history that is absorbed into a house that was once loved. There’s a home I love that I have watched steadily go down hill not far from me. I was there in 2008 and I stopped in again today. I only have a lowly point and shoot and today I wasn’t planning on stopping, so I didn’t even have it with me. I only had my phone, but considering the state of the house, I’m glad I made do.

The changes are startling and saddens me so much. I hate vandals. I hate that people could just destroy something for the sake of destroying it. Such ignorance.

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2 thoughts on “Leave nothing but footprints…

  1. It really is a shame. It’s in a very remote area, so that’s probably much to do with why it’s been left alone, for the most part. Sadly, I think it may be beyond repair at this point now that the vandals have found it. 😦

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