Hodge Podge….

I was busy in the garden today and got the rest of the seedlings planted. The tomatoes still look terrific, which gives me hope that maybe I won’t kill them after all. I got cukes, zuchini, green peppers and green beans planted today and since the beans grow in bushes, I planted them to use as a natural “fence” between the veggies and the space I want to use as herbs. We’ll see how that goes. I’m going to plant carrots and summer squash later this week as well as some other veggies, too.

I also put together a rock cairn, something I’ve always wanted. It’s not big, but it doesn’t have to be, though I think it turned out well. I’d like to do a path of pavers leading to it through the garden and plant bright pretty flowers on either side… Next year. This year I concentrate on the veggies. šŸ™‚

Although, if anyone has any suggestions on what the flowers should be, I’m open to suggestions. I’m not sure what I’m looking for just yet.



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