Gardening and Concerts

I haven’t really gotten a lot of knitting or crocheting done recently. It’s finally spring where I am, so we’ve been busy cleaning up the yard from the long, hard winter we had. There were lots of fallen branches and twigs, the dirt at the edge of the yard left by the plow trucks this winter during storms, etc. Unfortunately, a rhododendron that has been here since we bought the house (7 years ago) and survived a massive remodel and roof redo finally died on me. It was a good size, probably 10×10. This spring I noticed that a large part of the center section was dead so originally I was going to clip off the dead bits. The problem is that the more I clipped, the more I found that was dead. It had a huge base, so my husband brought up the chain saw then my son and I cleaned it out. Next up? Lilacs! I’m going to pick up at least one rebloomer tonight, I think. 🙂 My azaleas aren’t doing well either, so I may end up taking them all out, moving the bleeding heart and doing lilac all across the front. 🙂 The rebloomers don’t grow more than 4  – 6 feet, so they’d be perfect.

Yes, boring stuff, I know! 🙂

I also took my 15 year old to his first rock concert. It was Seether’s Rise Above Fest, which raised money for SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education), which is a very personal thing for the lead singer of Seether as his brother committed suicide a few years ago. 15 bands (8 local, 7 biggies) with Seether and Avenged Sevenfold as headliners and it was SUCH a good time. He had a blast and told me it was his best birthday ever.


4 thoughts on “Gardening and Concerts

  1. Oh no! You couldn’t salvage just some of the root bed? I have the greenest thumb next to the good Lord, I wouldn’t have gone down without a fight, lol.

    And your azaleas!!!!!

    Geez, the ice must’ve been too much for them to bear.


    • We had a very long, hard winter this year ( I live in Northern New England). The snow and cold were more brutal than we’ve had in many years. 😦 My brother and some friends lost theirs as well. 😦

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