Trying new things

Today’s garden update is that I got my herbs in and got them watered. I ordered plant markers off Etsy today that look adorable and they customize the markers for you, if you want. So I did want. 🙂 I have seeds to get in but they haven’t arrived yet. I truly hope they’re here soon because I can’t go further until they do. 😦

I’m losing my mind. Someone here posted about finishing up a pair of Water for Elephants socks and I can’t remember who and I can’t find the post or the emails. It’s driving me nuts.(Who were you please?) I had admired the socks, especially because I hadn’t ever done any sort of colorwork before and I was encouraged to give them a go. And so I am.

I got the yarn for them today. Some beautiful blues from Regia. It’s SO dangerous working at my favorite LYS! 😛




Hodge Podge….

I was busy in the garden today and got the rest of the seedlings planted. The tomatoes still look terrific, which gives me hope that maybe I won’t kill them after all. I got cukes, zuchini, green peppers and green beans planted today and since the beans grow in bushes, I planted them to use as a natural “fence” between the veggies and the space I want to use as herbs. We’ll see how that goes. I’m going to plant carrots and summer squash later this week as well as some other veggies, too.

I also put together a rock cairn, something I’ve always wanted. It’s not big, but it doesn’t have to be, though I think it turned out well. I’d like to do a path of pavers leading to it through the garden and plant bright pretty flowers on either side… Next year. This year I concentrate on the veggies. 🙂

Although, if anyone has any suggestions on what the flowers should be, I’m open to suggestions. I’m not sure what I’m looking for just yet.


Leave nothing but footprints…

For those of you in the States – Happy Memorial Day. Remember those that came before, those that gave their lives, and those that fight for us now for they should never be forgotten.

Today, I did a thing. One of my semi-secret things is I love photography. I love abandonments. I love to think about those that were once there, what could have made them leave, all the history that is absorbed into a house that was once loved. There’s a home I love that I have watched steadily go down hill not far from me. I was there in 2008 and I stopped in again today. I only have a lowly point and shoot and today I wasn’t planning on stopping, so I didn’t even have it with me. I only had my phone, but considering the state of the house, I’m glad I made do.

The changes are startling and saddens me so much. I hate vandals. I hate that people could just destroy something for the sake of destroying it. Such ignorance.

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Watermelon Tootsie Covers

Ever since I first saw this yarn on Etsy, I knew I had to have it. Seriously. Watermelons. How could I not?

And as I’m still feeling utterly like crap, I’ve had plenty of time to work on the first sock today. The heel is done, it’s underneath, but it’s … wonky. Not sure what I did. Something on the Heel Turn, though I’m not sure what. They’re socks and they’re for me, so I’m not overly concerned as long as they are still comfortable. 🙂

My goal is to have enough socks for one for every day of the month, even if that’s not what I really end up doing. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂


New Tootsie Covers!


Ta Dah! Overall, I liked the mystery yarn (Regia possibly? Not sure). There were some blemishes, but I was able to work them into the socks no problem. I have more left over to add to my sock bin (eventually to be used for a sock yarn blankie)

The scarf is still not blocked. MEEP. This has not been a good weekend. I’ve spent most of it with an intestinal bug and have felt less than up to snuff. I can actually EAT, now, though, so we’ll count that as a step in the right direction.

I need to cast on another small project, I’m just not sure WHICH.

Catching up

I finished knitting a scarf last night. I meant to block it today but spent a good part of today on the couch with a wicked headache and didn’t get that far. I’m hoping to block it tomorrow, though, and get pictures of it this weekend. I hope. I need to get a different scarf pin for it, too.

Nearly finished week one of Rowan’s Mystery KAL for their new Pure Wool. I know, I know. I’m only a wee bit behind. Oops. At least the squares go quickly, though. Once I finish this square, I’ll get a pic of my week one blocks.

I got my flowers into the new raised bed today and sort of watered them. We need a new spray for the hose so it more soaked the dirt and created puddles, but it was better than them being dry. Will have to get a new spray this weekend. I also need to pick up two reblooming lilac bushes.

Yeah. Boring post is boring.

Gardening and Concerts

I haven’t really gotten a lot of knitting or crocheting done recently. It’s finally spring where I am, so we’ve been busy cleaning up the yard from the long, hard winter we had. There were lots of fallen branches and twigs, the dirt at the edge of the yard left by the plow trucks this winter during storms, etc. Unfortunately, a rhododendron that has been here since we bought the house (7 years ago) and survived a massive remodel and roof redo finally died on me. It was a good size, probably 10×10. This spring I noticed that a large part of the center section was dead so originally I was going to clip off the dead bits. The problem is that the more I clipped, the more I found that was dead. It had a huge base, so my husband brought up the chain saw then my son and I cleaned it out. Next up? Lilacs! I’m going to pick up at least one rebloomer tonight, I think. 🙂 My azaleas aren’t doing well either, so I may end up taking them all out, moving the bleeding heart and doing lilac all across the front. 🙂 The rebloomers don’t grow more than 4  – 6 feet, so they’d be perfect.

Yes, boring stuff, I know! 🙂

I also took my 15 year old to his first rock concert. It was Seether’s Rise Above Fest, which raised money for SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education), which is a very personal thing for the lead singer of Seether as his brother committed suicide a few years ago. 15 bands (8 local, 7 biggies) with Seether and Avenged Sevenfold as headliners and it was SUCH a good time. He had a blast and told me it was his best birthday ever.