Sunday Projects Everywhere!

  1. I’d like to say Happy Easter to those as celebrate it. I’m Pagan, my husband is Atheist and his family observes it more as a family gathering day than a religious day, so we’ll be ending up at the in-law’s for a late brunch in a while.
  2. Is anyone else doing the Rowan Afghan Mystery KAL using their new Pure Wool? I began the first square the other night and am nearly half way done. I’m doing the body in a gorgeous Forest Green and the border in Umber brown. I love the yarn. It’s fantastic to work with and can’t wait to see how it turns out!
  3. Picture:
  4. I also have one lonely sock right now out of my mystery red/gray/white yarn. It’s incredibly comfortable, just a bit lonely as a single sock (I don’t do two-at-a-time). I’m not feeling the on-set of Second Sock Syndrome and the second has been cast on.
  5. Once the socks are taken care of, I have a Marion Foale sweater I want to cast on. It’s rather classy and elegant and will be perfect for me to wear to work once I’ve finished it. I need to have my friend at my LYS help me with some measurements because the model she had didn’t quite fit the way I’d like. I want it a bit longer in body and a bit shorter in sleeve. 😛 I have ridiculous love for the yarn and can’t wait to cast it on!
  6. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I have a huge fondness for bullets. You have been warned. 😛

6 thoughts on “Sunday Projects Everywhere!

  1. 1. Happy Easter too. Whilst we are slightly religious we use it as an excuse to spend time together.
    2. No I’m not doing the KAL but Rowan has new pure wool? Tell me more! I love the pure wool.
    3. That is a gorgeous colour.
    4. That sock is lovely. I sympathise with SSS.
    5. I’ve recently cast on a sweater for myself recently with Rowan pure wool 4 ply and in love! Finding a wool that’s is a pleasure to work with is the best things.
    6. I love bullets points too! So much so I write a list on my blog every Tuesday just to use bullet points.

    • 1. Have much fun!
      2. Oh the yarn is just fantastic! It’s worsted weight, 100% washable wool, 50 (I think?) colors. I think it’s 50. They’re all stunning. The same designer that designed the squares for the KAL has also done a booklet of patterns that use this yarn and there’s about 3 things I want to do, including a cardi and a hoodie. It’s so soft and smooshy and I can’t wait to do more with it. Or have the afghan done and curl up in it.
      3. Thank you! Green is one of my favorite colors. My couch is green so the afghan should compliment it perfectly.
      4. Also thank you! 🙂 I’m nearly done the cuff.
      5. You are so right! It is so important to enjoy what we’re working with.
      6. Oh I love that idea! Sometimes I even get silly and mix up letters and numbers. 😛

    • I’m so excited about the afghan. The yarn is absolutely wonderful to work with. I can’t wait to see the next square!

      And thank you! I wish I could tell you what the yarn was. 😦 Maybe I’ll venture to THAT yarn store sometime and see if I can find it again (the store is just over an hour away)

  2. My LYS is actually doing a KAL for the Rowan afgan. It’s going to be great to see how everyone’s turns out! I wish I could do it myself, but I have so many other projects (big and small) on the needles that I just can’t commit to another big one like it right now. I’m so jealous! It looks like it’ll be a joy to knit.

    Those socks look lovely as well!

    I hope you enjoyed your Easter (religious or not)!

  3. I think the KAL is pretty universal for those that carry the yarn. 🙂 I’m curious what the rest of the squares will end up looking like. Can’t wait to see!

    I have a few projects going, but they’re mostly small, just one other afghan that I’m poking away at for my niece.

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