A Life Like Post


Belle wants everyone to know that being a creaky old lady completely stinks. Her arthritis is acting up pretty badly these last few days and I only discovered this morning that she spit out her Tramadol last night (so no wonder she was so unhappy). This morning she did not spit it out and she’s had her heating pad plugged in for a bit. She normally sleeps on the couch (which is low and vet approved), but with her so creaky right now, she’s relegated to the floor and very displeased by this. Every so often she’ll mosey on over to the couch and gaze longingly at her spot, but then she’ll go back to her bed on the floor instead, poor dear.

I really don’t have any kind of knitting update this morning, BUT I played around a bit with positions, light, etc and took a picture of some of my favorite sock yarn in my stash right now. πŸ™‚ That’s as knitting as I get today. I’ll have it on the brain, though, as I just started working at my LYS (oh shucks!).

Also, anyone else love Marion Foale yarns or designs? I’m constantly looking for patterns I can do in 3 ply because the yarn is so gorgeous (and my LYS is THE distributor for it, too!).

If you have non-Rav links/suggestions for patterns, I’m all ears!



11 thoughts on “A Life Like Post

    • Thank you! She seems to be doing pretty well this afternoon. I’m debating giving her an aspirin as I’m sure the anti-inflammatory will do her some good. I just got home from working a few hours and she did stay off the couch while I was gone, so this is good, too.

  1. Wow, you quite possibly have THE worst job in the world. Grin. Good for you, but remember, the object of a job is to bring home your money (green backs) not give it back to your employer, laugh.

    • It really is quite terrible how rough I have it. πŸ™‚ She already knows my spending habits. πŸ™‚ I am curbing them a bit until I use more of my stash (so I say as I contemplate which Marion Foale pattern to stock up for and cast on. LOL)

      • πŸ™‚ Curb honey curb! How’s Belle doing today? Having a geriatric animal can be very stressful. I know it was for me. Now that I’ve focused all my attention back on my teenager, I would gladly have my geriatric man back (if he wasn’t in pain, of course). Smile. Teenagers are teenagers, regardless of the species. Happy yarning….

  2. Belle reminds me of our old boy Lynton snuggled up on the floor but really wanting to be on the couch! Looking after an old dog is tough. He was nearly 16 when he died in November. I love dogs. We’ve got a 5 year old border collie called Izzy – we’ve debated whether to get another as she misses her pal – but we’ll probably stick with one for now. Sounds like Belle gets lots of loving care from you. Hope she’s doing ok now. Arthritis stinks – I have it too in my hip. I was born with a shallow hip joint and used to do lots of running which led to pain which led to it being discovered in my late 30s. If I’d known I’d never have done it! Ha! I have it under control most days though πŸ™‚

    • Oh wow. Just hearing about your hip hurts ME. Sounds like it can be quite painful!

      Belle is doing much better with the temperatures warming up again, which I am so glad to see! She’s got her bed back on the couch, which SHE is glad to see. πŸ˜›

      • Yeah, it can be annoying! Partly the reason for me getting into knitting & crochet though so not all bad – it’s a great replacement buzz for the running! πŸ™‚ Glad Belle is doing better again too πŸ™‚

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