Taking time out….

My knitting “corner” has begun to run over and spread, so this morning instead of working on the foot of my current pair of socks, I took a time out to clean and get organized. I have a couple of wicker trunks to hold the bulk of my stash, though there’s a good deal of it in the cabinet as well. 🙂 So I hauled everything into the center of the living room, cleaned and dusted and scrubbed, threw some things away and reorganized.

This is how I started out. It’s pretty atrocious. The tv tray has the afghan I’m currently working on for my niece. The plastic bowl was a make shift yarn bowl for a previous project. Everything else is just a mess. The brown/orange/tan afghan whose fringe you can see was actually from a yard sale a few years ago in which the family member had passed away and they were selling off the house contents. It’s hair-pin lace and the woman there was thrilled I recognized what it was. I got it for a steal and I just love it. It’s going to be washed shortly as it’s been a bit, but yes.ImageAnd this is the after. I’m still fiddling with things, but this is much, much better. 🙂 Image


4 thoughts on “Taking time out….

    • The clutter had been driving me nuts for a while, just there were time issues and then just issues with the whole HOW I was going to end up doing it. I think this worked out beautifully, though!

      Good luck organizing yours!

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