It’s another WIP…

Amazingly, this time it is for me. *gasp* It’s a pair of socks out of a mystery yarn. I threw the label away. I can’t believe I did that.Β  Nothing fancy about this pair, just plain stockinette in a yarn that really reminds me of sock monkeys. πŸ™‚ Been a while since I’ve done a gusset heel, but I managed it. It’s not the neatest heel, but they’re for me, so I’m not that worried. πŸ˜›



8 thoughts on “It’s another WIP…

    • Thanks! I’m just kicking myself for throwing out the label. I’d gathered up some scraps and grabbed it thinking it was a label from a different project that I no longer needed. 😦 I can go back to the store I got it from, I suppose.

      I’m just using one circular.

  1. Don’t you just hate it when you have mystery yarn? This is part of the reason why I buy at least two skeins of anything. The bigger reason is so I have enough yardage to do a number of things with it, but I’ve been glad enough to have one mystery skein and then find its partner so I don’t have to fiber test it!

    The sock looks fantastic. I haven’t really tried to do socks yet. Are they hard?

    • Usually I tend to overbuy, but in this case since I know it would only be socks – I only bought the one. That will teach me! πŸ˜›

      They’re actually not as hard as they seem. When I first started knitting again several years ago, it was socks. My husband was a truck driver and as we’re in New England, he wanted a good pair of wool socks for the winter. So that was my first project after a long knitting hiatus. If I can do it, anyone can. πŸ™‚

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