Milestones: One Year, Dairy Free

Once upon a time, I was plagued by horrible IBS-like symptoms, severe acne, and terrible, painful hand eczema. One year ago I went dairy free.

It’s been a learning curve, for sure. Some alternatives taste better than others, some recipes turn out better than others. One of the best things I was told when I began this journey was that I couldn’t look for things to taste the same as before I went dairy free and that’s true. You can’t. If you do, you may be disappointed. Instead, I’ve had a great time finding blogs and cookbooks of alternative recipes, vegan recipes and trying new foods that I may otherwise have not ever tried.

The IBS symptoms are gone (unless I have dairy). The acne is cleared up and the hand eczema? GONE.

It’s amazing to me all the things I lived with because I thought I had no choice or were normal and now know otherwise.

It was the best thing I ever did.


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